Case study exporters lead generation

Case study exporters lead generationA lot of our clients have businesses in the Colon Free Zone of Panama, the highest concentration of distributors in the world after the Hong Kong Free Zone.

Most of these clients are distributors of great brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, Barbie, Paul Franck, to name a few. And most of these companies have also a point in common: they want to expand their reach across Latin America.

The mission

The major party of our clients do most of their businesses with central America, Colombia and Venezuela. Through online marketing their goal is to continue their expansion in these countries plus the southern part of the continent (Peru, chile, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia etc.), the Caribbean and Mexico.

The client’s website

For all our clients we built a simple but very efficient website that fits all the requirements of an exporter’s business:

  • The website provides a clear, easy to use platform to browse products by category, by brand or by keyword search.
  • The company can import all its product database in few clicks: we are talking companies that manages up to 15,000 references. The products are automatically associated to categories and brands.
  • The website has an online quote system that allow the user to quote various products at once and the quotes are redirected to the salesperson in charge of the country of the user for better efficiency
  • The website keeps track of all the data sent through the website in order to leverage a database of prospects and run email marketing.
  • The website allows its administrator to add/edit pages in a very easy way.
  • The website comes with a blog pre-built for adding SEO content in the future

Why are all these features so important?

Because they are the backbone of the conversion process of an exporter’s business: once the user visits the website, it should be easy for him/her to find the products he/she is looking for. It should be simple to send a quote or a message. The quote or message should not get lost in an email process and be redirected to the person in charge of doing the follow up

The strategy to attract targeted traffic

For this type of client’s profile we are using a combination of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), online advertising and Content (inbound) marketing.

Using Google Adwords as part of the campaign is always useful in order to gather data quickly on the keywords that convert or don’t convert and allows us to make quick adjustments early in the process on the keywords that are selected for SEO. The Google Adwords Conversion feature is an extremely important tool. Our website allows you to easily add the conversion code without the help of a programmer.

SEO wise, the job is to go for specific targeted keywords (full SEO strategy) and to gather long tail keywords through both a full onsite optimization of the website (category pages, product page) and through SEO blog posts targeting specific keywords.

The results:

The results have been pretty strong consistently. Over the period of the past 2 years and taking into account our three most successful clients (2 electronic distributors and one Fashion accessories company) , they received between themselves close to 10,000 messages or quotes.

Some clients informed us that some of the customers that they found thanks to our efforts passed orders in the high 6 figures making the return on investment skyrocketing.

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