Hotel Toscana Inn case study

Hotel Toscana Inn case studyThe hotel Toscana inn in the city of panama city is a medium/high end boutique hotel of 90 rooms. The Panamanian market is highly competitive with the opening of new hotels on a weekly basis including major international corporations (Hitlon, Sheraton, Marriott etc.)


The hotel contracted us to build an online marketing strategy in order to make more reservations through online channels.

The online situation of the hotel at the start of the project:

When we started the hotel had a pretty poor website that were not allowing users to book online. The hotel had little presence in OTAs (, etc. that are one of the main drivers of sales in this lone of business). However, the hotel had strong ratings in Tripadvisor due to the hard work of the owners.

What we did:

We established an initial strategy with 4 priorities:

  • Make the hotel available on as many OTAs (,, etc.) as possible and optimize the profile of the hotel in order to rank on the first page on each of these websites. The hotel inventory and rates are synchronized across OTAs for optimum results.
  • Rebrand the hotel’s image with new professional pictures and video as well as creating new descriptions of the rooms and facilities (copywriting work) in both Spanish and english This helped the conversion of direct reservations across platforms (hotel website, OTAs, GDS, ODS)
  • Redo the website to incorporate all the new branding elements and include a booking engine (travelclick) in order to be able to process direct reservations that are more profitable
  • Icrease the online visibility of the hotel in search engines in spanish (Latin America) and english (international clients) in order to capture more direct bookings through the website. We achieved this through online advertising and search engine optimization.

The results so far:

The hotel is now available in all major international OTAs. All the inventory and rates of the hotel are fed to the OTAs and synchronized. The 3 most important OTAs now represent an average of 30% of all the hotel’s sales.

Direct hotel sales through the website now accounts for an average of 20% of the hotel’s sales. The hotel now gets 55% to 60% of its sales though online channels.

The next steps of the strategy are:

  • To switch the hotel’s website to a mobile website (including Travelclick booking engine widget) in order to optimize the conversion from mobile devices (tablets, smartphones)
  • Increase engagement with guests through marketing email automation
  • Increase awareness about the hotel in social media websites.
  • Develop sales, through online marketing, of the other services that the hotel has to offer (seminar/events and restaurant)
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