How Wako grew its business by 500% in Latin America?

We have been doing business with Wako Chemicals for almost 3 years now. This is a great company with very specific needs. Our team has been able to understand their businees goals and implemented a powerful online strategy to grow their business in the attractive Latin American market (including Brazil). Here's the story...


About the Company:

Wako Pure Chemicals is an international company that develops chemical and biological research and medical applications, including treatments for cancer and stem cell research. The company is based in Japan and has operations in Germany, the U.S. and Latin America.

The initial requirements: 

Wako was interested in growing its business in the Latin American market, and it required a full online exposure of its product lines to do so. 

Wako strategic goals were to:

  • Sell directly from its factory in the USA
  • Find distributors in each Latin American country

Wako’s market is extremely niche and the strategy was oriented towards high quality traffic, not quantity. Due to its specific market it was decided at an early stage to focus our efforts on search engines and specific websites. 

Our web solution:

Mercabuzz built websites, one for the Spanish speaking Latin American countries and one in Portuguese dedicated to Brazil. We then employed custom development tactics to produce two unique types of product catalogs: one for products that had been translated for the user’s marketplace and another that allowed the user to search within Wako’s 30,000 reagents products.

Mercabuzz also created special order forms that allowed Wako to easily select the products they wanted to combine into one online order sheet.

Both the Spanish and Portuguese versions of the website are managed under the same CMS, though the domain name for each language is different. This allows the client and our team to save time in configuring the company’s websites.

The marketing challenges we were facing

The main challenge with this project was to fully understand the client’s products and offerings due to a language barrier. Mercabuzz accurately translated hundreds of products by hiring professional translators specializing in the medical business. Today, our understanding of Wako’s business strategy allows us to create and produce highly technical blog posts in relation to the company’s expertise.  

The marketing strategy we adopted 

Mercabuzz began by selecting various set of keywords that were quickly validated in terms of conversion rate through PPC campaigns. Once the set of highly converting keywords were identified, we optimized the website for these keywords, and we continue to run PPC campaigns until they achieved valuable positions.  

Mercabuzz also identified scientific websites in line with Wako’s expertise in order to purchase media on behalf of the client or to target with advertising as part of the Google Adwords network.

Once we accumulated a fair amount of prospects’ information, we ran e-mail marketing campaigns to share special offers, announce new products, and list or new blog articles to keep engagement up.  

We continue to fine tune Wako’s campaigns today.

The Results

Wako’s Latin America sales increased by 500 percent the first year and by 100 percent the second year. The company has been able to find and sign various distributor agreements in the region.

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