Positioning and Strategy That Fuels Growth

Many organizations start well and maintain their growth for a while, but without laying the groundwork with effective online positioning and strategy, they will find it difficult to continue that momentum and success. Simply put, strategy and positioning is the foundation all the rest of your online marketing is based on and will help you build both brand awareness and loyalty.

Competitive Analysis

One of the first things you need to do to be able to set yourself apart is understand what you are up against. A thorough competitive analysis should be done that will help you get a better handle on everything from price point to marketing methodologies.

Customer and Demographic Analysis

Who is your customer? How can you reach them? Have you developed buyer personas? How often do you review and update those? This is all part of an effective online marketing strategy.

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is what makes you instantly recognizable to your customers and the public at large. This includes everything from your company logo to the color and design guides you should have. Those guides will help you maintain your brand through different channels, making it more likely for people to recognize your organization.


Whether you are a relatively small shop offering services to a regional area or a multi-national company, localization is important. Local businesses can benefit from being able to target a smaller geographic area, which helps with everything from organic rankings in search engines to the cost of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns. Those larger organizations have a wider area to cover and may find it easier to more quickly pick up more social buzz and online brand recognition, but should also consider localization of websites with proper language extensions and translations as well as customer service and messaging that translates well into those various areas.

Brand Messaging

Whether you are releasing your first product or your tenth, your brand messaging must be clear, direct, and strong. This is what is going to resonate with your customer. There are a hundred widgets out there, a hundred service firms that do what you do—what is going to make people choose you over the others. If your answer is “price” or that you are not sure, then we have some work to do :-)

The reality is that many businesses fail each year, because they fail to understand the importance of solid marketing. Marketing is not just buying a website, throwing up some advertisements, and having a great team of sales reps. Marketing is defining your brand to the world. Marketing is bringing in the potential clients that your sales team can more easily turn into customers.

Marketing is understanding the people you are trying to sell to and developing, perpetuating, and living a message that resonates with them. Marketing is doing the one thing you are great at and making sure that everyone else knows that you’re the best at it too.

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