Online Marketing

Online marketing

How does Online Marketing work and why do we recommend it?

Online marketing is the best way to get noticed on the internet. Your products and services, expertise and opinions, will find new readers, users, and paying customers with the use of well thought out marketing. Mercabuzz is designed to help you take an excellent product and let everyone on the internet know about it – and why they need it!

Here at MercaBuzz we’re dedicated to examining the unique reasons why your product, service, or site works, and passing that knowledge on to the wider world.

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Online marketing services we provide

Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (SEO in Spanish, English, Portuguese

Online advertising (Google adwords, social media, retargeting)

Marketing automation

SEO & SEM Optimized Website development

Targeted social media strategies

Content Marketing (blogging, Infographic)

Online Media Purchase

Consulting and website audit

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