Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

So what is SEM and what makes it different from SEO?

Search engine marketing (SEM)

You’re pulling out all the stops in your SEO, making your site more readable, shareable, and usable. Yet you still feel you could be reaching even more people, more quickly. If you’re at the stage where your webpage is ranking well but you still want to grow more, then SEM is ideal for you.

SEM is search engine marketing. This term takes in any paid advertising or listings used in search engines, helping you to get noticed by placing your company or site prominently within searches. Using either pay per click ads or paid inclusion, this is a valuable way of reaching relevant customers searching for the keywords you wish to be associated with.


Why pick just one? These are highly complementary sides of the same whole. Without an engaging, well written, and valuable presence (obtained through SEO), your SEM efforts of driving large numbers of visitors to your site will be ineffective or worse, harmful! Combining the two to create the perfect environment for your visitors to find you and stay with you, this dual approach is the ideal way to grow your business online.

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