Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO)Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is simple to understand and tough to implement. In essence it is the practise of driving more visitors to your site by helping search engines to correctly index and categorize the webpage. This helps you rank more highly in search engines.

Yet, SEO is more complex than that. It encompasses a huge wealth of smaller functions, such as links from external sites, the blogs you post, and even the way your site menu works. Overarching all of these is the primary goal for both yourself and the search engines: to have the most user-friendly sites rise to the top of the rankings.

Attract More Customers

Your website needs SEO to rank more competitively in the vast algorithmic pieces of code we call search engines. You have great products, a fantastic team, a wonderful location… but zero web traffic. That spells disaster for your business in an increasingly online world. Embracing SEO helps you to find the people who are searching for you – in fact, they’ll come straight to you thanks to the unique way that search engines work. This targeted traffic ensures that you’ll be inundated with relevant, interested potential customers, if your site is properly optimized.

Search Engines Need Your Help

The goal of MercaBuzz and your company is to help search engines out. You might think that Yahoo!, Google, and Bing don’t need your help but they do! By providing them with accurate copy, tags, and information onsite, these huge web portals will be grateful for the accuracy and detail – and will push visitors towards you!

Mercabuzz specializes in SEO in the Latin American region including:

  • SEO in Spanish
  • SEO in English
  • SEO in Portuguese (Brazil)


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