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E-commerce websitesWe think that selling online should be simple for you and your customers. With that in mind, we provide a plethora of features which take you from set-up to success. We plan your e-commerce solution intrinsically with your website design, maximizing its visibility and impact. E-commerce is never going away. It’s that simple. The huge online world of sales and payment will continue to grow hugely, as consumers get even more comfortable with the convenience of one touch payment.

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We’ve outlined the features our e-commerce installation provides you with below:


Great Navigability

The foundation of successful e-commerce. The more time people spend on a website, the more likely they are to buy. We don’t think it’s a complex formula but it is an essential one for you – keep your customers and clients on your site! What are your customers looking for? Are you providing them with the right information and ways to filter their searches? If your engine can identify their needs and help them find the right products, it is making you money.

Gateways to Success

The last but most vital step for any e-commerce platform is the payment gateway. We are big believers in integrating payment types and gateways in such a way that your clients and customers have any option they like – whether that’s Mastercard, Visa, Amex or PayPal. Payment options should be easy as a single click, so we’ll help people get to that moment just as simply.

Smart E-Commerce Features

Make your products appear everywhere. Do you use dropdown menus on your current site? You could be using them to highlight products more effectively and transparently! Let us help you do that, with our roll over or one-click features to speed up your sales funnel.

Invoice with E-Commerce

Not all customers are going to want to click on the pre-arranged amount. What if they want to order in bulk or make a special concession with you? Imagine a customer ordering a large number of Product X. They’ll need some help with a personal invoice, customized purely for their transaction but…… your e-commerce can only handle non-custom transactions. Sad times for you and your client, so turn your back on disappointment with our custom invoicing features!

B2B – B2C

Your customers are happy and you’re making money. That’s great! But you could be doing more. Businesses also want to work with and buy from you, so setting up a special B2B shopfront will help you hugely. Members only areas, paid listings, wholesale offers, bulk orders and more provide the momentum your business needs amongst your peers. Make yourself indispensable with B2B markets.

Some pics of essential E-commerce features

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