Mobile Websites

Mobile websitesYou’ve already heard why mobile websites are the future. We’re here to tell you that is nonsense. They aren’t the future – they’re now. Hundreds of millions of people are using mobile content to fuel their lives, from micro-transactions to major purchases through a tablet or mobile device. If you exclude these people, you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot and removing yourself from the present market.

Where to Start

You’re looking for where to start and keep hearing the word “app”. “There’s an app for that” may have entered the cultural zeitgeist but is it the right choice for you? Choosing a responsive site may make more sense. Developed to be mobile friendly on any platform, you avoid the development costs of building an app for every single operating system. Look good with a mobile site and avoid the head ache of arguing with your accountant.

Mobile website = Sensible Business Choice

Sensible business means reaching the largest number of potential customers, where they shop, at the lowest cost. A mobile site represents sensible business. Remember that you pay for every single visit to your site via hosting – make each visit count by sending your customers to a mobile-ready site. This will prevent your customers from bouncing away to your competitors!


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