Special Projects

It is our firm belief that every single one of our clients has unique needs. Different ways of working, different products, and different styles all make you uniquely you. We don’t want to take away from that – we’d much rather add to it! Our team can help you transform your online presence in any way you desire, with as much or as little customization as you wish for.

What we offer

We enjoy a challenge and look forward to helping you with your needs. We’ve listed the general areas where we can provide an expert service below.

Website Design: The form and functionality of a website are critical to how your users respond to your products. Whether they require a custom shopping experience or an intuitive display, we are experts at making your business concepts work for you online.

Programming: No line of code left dangling, no loopholes left uncovered. We pride ourselves on the attention to detail we spend in programming websites and systems. Security and usability are our chief goals here.

Administration: Your website is going to need a serious support system behind it. Whether that is customer service portals, administration for individual orders or clients, or an efficient way of managing your e-commerce, you’ll rely on powerful backend systems to help you. We provide those and tailor them to your requirements.

One-off Projects: Don’t see anything above that covers what you need? We can help. Our team will ideate and brainstorm, refining your ideas into reality before bringing our technical expertise to bear. We can help you with any project you require – large, small, complex or simple.

Case Study

Mercatrade.com, a successful case studyWant to see an example of a functional website we’ve built? Mercatrade.com is a vast website, with over 100,000 products listed on it as well as 20,000 listed exporters registered and using it daily. The huge swathes of categories are made easy to navigate and upload with a powerful backend system, fuelling the growth of the website and its utility to suppliers and providers.


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